16. října 2010 | divadlo Ponec | Husitská 24a/899 | Praha 3


Basic information

  • Organizer: Czech Yoyo Association o.s.
  • Date: Saturday, 16th October 2010
  • Place: Divadlo PONEC (Theatre Ponec),  Husitská 24a, Praha 3, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Divisions: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced (1A), X Division, Freehand(5A), Open (1A), SpinTop
  • Fees (in CZK):
    - Advanced 1A, Open 1A:…………300,-
    - XD, 5A, Middle Advanced:…….200,-
    - SpinTop, Beginners:…………….100,-
    - More Divisions:………………….basic divison fee + 100,-

    Prices are valid only for online registration until 14th of October 2010. Registration fees after this date (and if you register at the door) are automatically increasing by 25%.


We collaborated with Hostel Elf again this year. Which means 300czk/night/*person only for yoyo players. Hostel Elf is located aprox. 150 meters from the event venue – you can not find a better place to stay in!

*This price applies only for dormitories. Smaller rooms are more expensive.

How to apply/book?

The best way is to go on http://www.hostelelf.com/ and book online. To apply for the discount you have to put super secret code in the comments box otherwise you’ll not apply for the discount price! The super secret code is: “YO-YO”. Please bear in mind that the number of beds in Hostel Elf is limited so we advise you to book as soon as possible – otherwise you might not get a bed at all and you’ll have nowhere to crash after the party!

How do i get there?!